Veggies and Fruit of the Week

Starting in June, we will be introducing veggies and fruit of the week. Every week, we will be showcasing either veggies or fruits to introduce to your children. Use it in your household any day of the week. You can also use the veggie or fruit of the week in your programming to create exposure to local vegetables and fruit!

Ideas to try:

  • Have a ‘try it’ day with the veggies and fruit
  • Teach participants about the benefits of the veggies and fruit and how to prepare it
  • Cook or prepare a recipe using the veggies and fruit
  • Have participants create their own recipes using the veggies and fruit
  • Send home samples with participants to prepare at home with their family
  • Create a work of art or marketing campaign around the veggies and fruit

This week, July 16, 2017 featuring Leafy Greens! Do you have a recipe to share with us? Share on our social media channel by tagging #healthykidsburlon, #veggiesandfruit, #BurlON.

Veggies and Fruit of the Week Calendar