Take the challenge, be the change. Become a Snacktivist!

What is the Snacktivist Challenge?
The Snacktivist Challenge is an initiative in partnership with the City of Burlington promoting healthy sideline snacks. Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington is working with local youth sports teams in promoting healthy behaviour. By providing healthy snacks to children who play sports; parents, coaches, guardians and leaders become role models.

Interested? City of Burlington sports teams can sign up for the Snacktivist Challenge and become leaders in providing healthy environments for participants.  The Snacktivist teams will pledge to drink only water and provide healthy sideline snacks at games and practices.

For making the pledge, Healthy Kids Community Challenge will provide each registered team with a water cooler, water bottles and a list of ideas for fun healthy sideline snacks.

At the end of the season, your team will entered into a draw for a team party to celebrate your season. Please read the Snacktivist Challenge Contest Rules and information of the prize for the team party celebration.

Thanks to the team that made the pledge!





Why pledge?  
Be part of the solution!  By providing tap water and not sugary drinks on the sidelines, you are affirming your commitment to helping kids sip less sugar, way to go!  Check out these surprising facts on sugary drinks at waterdoeswonders.ca.

What’s in it for the Sport teams?
•    Increased community profile as a caring leader and proactive  role model
•    You are supporting environmental efforts to reduce waste and promote tap water.
•    Satisfaction knowing you are helping kids to lead healthy active lifestyles
•    We will highlight your team on our Healthy Kids website and social media.

Do you want to implement healthy snack practices within your organization? Here are some templates and resources to help you get started.


Parents Letter

Snack Schedule

Sample Snack Policy

Healthy Snack Ideas

Encourage healthy snacks at games and practices. Check out some simple and quick healthy snack options. Here are some helpful links to get you started on the right track to healthy snacks!

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Check out this video featuring a minor soccer team who accepted and embraced the challenge!