Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington has been working with many schools in Burlington since the launch of the first theme in 2015. The schools have organized various activities and events, education pieces, promoting Healthy Kids messaging and most importantly had fun encouraging children to be physically active and to eat healthy. Many have worked hard to provide support environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice.  Does your school want to get involved? There are many ways to get involved. Contact us for more information.



Tecumseh Public School

Tecumseh continues to shine as a school focused on the health of their students. From the installation of a water refill station to lesson plans to creating a supportive environment at events, this school is working hard! In the fall the life skills class at Tecumseh will be working on a series of activities to increase knowledge about and interest in veggies and fruit.


Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary School

Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary School has been a champion with Healthy Kids Community Challenge for over a year. During water does wonders they promoted water though lesson plans, The Great Big Sip, physical activities and the installation of water refill stations in the school. They got a head start on Veggies and Fruit by completing growing sprouts activities in the classroom. During theme three SHOJ will be providing a salad bar for students twice per week, participating in the Great Big Crunch and reinforcing learnings about veggies and fruit.


Central Public School
Central Public School has been working with Healthy Kids on a number of events and activities. Students completed lesson plans around water and learned about the importance of water conservation through the Stream of Dreams Program. Their new water refill station outside of the gym allows the community easy access to water at after school events such as movie nights. Central will continue to work with Healthy Kids in the fall for theme 3 – Choose to boost veggies and fruit.


King’s Road Public School
Walking Wednesdays have been a great success at King Road. This school has been working to increase water consumption, physical activity and healthy eating. Last year, the school completed a ‘love your selfie’ campaign encouraging students to love themselves through taking care of their bodies and eating their veggies. A great success! King road will continue to work with HK in the fall.


Clarksdale Public School
Clarksdale has had a large focus on wellness in the school. Last year they had a wellness evening promoting mindfulness, physical activity and drinking water. They completed an amazing race around all aspects of wellness, completed lesson plans about the importance of water and have removed juice from many of their activities and replaced with water. With a fantastic community garden, they were already on board to work with Healthy Kids on theme 3 – Choose to boost veggies and fruit.


Paul A. Fisher Public School
Paul A. Fisher were very excited to receive funding for installation of a water filling station in their school. Paul A. Fisher is currently completing the Water Does Wonders activities in the classrooms and promoting Healthy Kids messaging around the school. The school strive to continue reducing the availability of sugar-sweetened beverages to students in their food programs and at school events.


St. Mark Elementary School
St. Mark is a K-8 school located in North-Central Burlington. The grade 7s and 8s students are working on a project called H20 4 All; which increases access to clean water in the global community. The school are working with the Healthy Kids – Water Does Wonders Pilot Project by installing a second water filling station and purchasing in-class exercise bikes that can be used when students need to move.