Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington has been working with many schools in Burlington since the launch of the first theme in 2015. Seven pilot schools joined the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington to promote the second theme from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care – Water Does Wonders. The schools have organized various activities and events, promoting Healthy Kids messaging and most importantly had fun encouraging children to be physically active and eating healthier.

Does your school want to get involved? There are many ways to get involved! Contact us for more information.

Tecumseh Public School

On Nov. 1, 2016, two grade six classes and the eco- team worked all day with ACER to plant a large group of trees in their school yard. Students for years to come will have a new place to play and find shade. Tecumseh PS is completing the Water Does Wonders pilot project by working on lesson plans in class, promoting water around the school and during school events and helped parents understand the importance of drinking water. Tecumseh PS will be installing a second water bottle filling station in their school. The school will also be integrating fitness into classrooms by acquiring under desk pedals for students to stay active while learning.


Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary School

In partnership with Healthy Kids Burlington, Sacred Heart School offered Active Chef as a parent engagement night to promote healthy eating in their community. Sacred Heart has been working over the past year to gain OPHEA Healthy Schools certification with a focus on wellbeing including healthy eating, physical activity and mental health promotion. One of Sacred Heart’s main goals has been to increase healthy lunches in the school through education campaigns to students and parents.

In addition, Sacred Heart also promoted “water as the primary choice” to replace sugar-sweetened beverages. “Coffee Chats” has been a successful initiative that engages parents in improving the education and health of their children. Other initiatives include the Healthy School Pledge and Healthy Living Challenge. Sacred Heart School has installed a second water bottle filling station to increase access to water in their school as well as continuing work on finding exciting ways to get their students active.


Central Public School
Central PS has an edible garden which the students are involved in planting, tending and harvesting of the produce. Central PS collaborate with Halton Food for Thought to provide healthy snack programs during school and run a kids chef class after school.  KM Run Club runs at break times to help get kids active at school.

After learning about HKCC Water Does Wonders Pilot Project, Central PS are excited to collaborate with HKCC Burlington in promoting healthy eating, and physical activity – something that the School has already implement in their school. Central PS will also be purchasing stand up desks for their classrooms to encourage students to be more mobile.


King’s Road Public School
King’s Road PS have a small population that is almost all in walking distance of the school. Last year, King’s Rd. PS began ‘Walking Wednesdays’, an initiative to encourage students to walk to school instead of being driven. Walking to school is an excellent way to get active. By implementing a physical activity of just 20 minutes before school, the activity has proved to increase students attentiveness of up to 4 hours!  King’s Road PS also organize Aldershot Family Fit Night – an evening involving the partnership of many local organizations, schools and businesses to allow children and their families to try out different types of activities.  Water Does Wonders Pilot by promoting water in their school, as well as celebrating water around physical activity. They will be purchasing physical activity equipment to help students learn about physical literacy.

Kings Rd. PS is currently promoting the second theme – Water Does Wonders in their school, as well as celebrating water around physical activity. They will be purchasing physical education equipment to help students learn about physical literacy.


Clarksdale Public School
For the second theme – Water Does Wonders, Clarksdale PS hosted a family fit night at their school encourage families to get active together. This year, the school are working on OPHEA Healthy Schools Certification – a certification that recognizes and celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader community. Clarksdale PS has no existing water bottle filling station and Healthy Kids Burlington is currently working with the school for installations of two water filling stations to help them achieve their goal as OPHEA Healthy School in Burlington.


Paul A. Fisher Public School
Paul A. Fisher were very excited to receive funding for installation of a water filling station in their school. Paul A. Fisher is currently completing the Water Does Wonders activities in the classrooms and promoting Healthy Kids messaging around the school. The school strive to continue reducing the availability of sugar-sweetened beverages to students in their food programs and at school events.


St. Mark Elementary School
St. Mark is a K-8 school located in North-Central Burlington. The grade 7s and 8s students are working on a project called H20 4 All; which increases access to clean water in the global community. The school are working with the Healthy Kids – Water Does Wonders Pilot Project by installing a second water filling station and purchasing in-class exercise bikes that can be used when students need to move.