Healthy Kids Community Challenge Ontario

Burlington is one of 45 communities across Ontario taking part in Ontario’s Healthy Kids Community Challenge. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge unites communities with a common goal: promoting children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating.

Learn about the themes from Ministry of Health and Long-term care.

Theme 1 – Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

HKCC fact sheet

Run. Jump. Play. Every Day. encourages physical activity through a mix of active play, sport, active transportation and structured activities.

Facts for our partners

The key to the success of The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is committed local partners, like you. We need your help to promote it.

It takes a village…

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is coming to your community – be a part of it!

Theme 2 – Water Does Wonders!

Water the Wonder Drink!

Water is the natural choice for kids to stay hydrated and healthy.

Background and evidence

This theme encourages kids and families to reach for water when thirsty. It’s the natural, healthy, and free.

How to get involved

Our community will be working hard to support healthy drink choices for our children and families.