Theme 4 Interventions

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Active Parents Portal

  • Promote as a one stop shop website for parents to find a diverse range of programs and activities for children and families.

Neighbourhood Play

  • This intervention will identify and support Neighbourhood Play Champions who will lead regular play meet ups in local parks and neighbourhoods
  • Neighbourhood Play Champions will receive training and play resources to support setting up their regular play meet ups including equipment if necessary.
  • This intervention will include piloting a street/front yard play program, which will close local streets on a weekly basis for children to play.

Power Off  Zones

  • Working with organizations and volunteers to implement “Power Off” Zones in their programs, activities or events
  • The intervention will strive to deliver messaging around putting screens away during key times of day such as meal times, recess and/or active times.
  • Target groups include: preschool programs, breakfast programs, classrooms, libraries, and city programs

Youth Led Activity Nights

  • Student leaders will implement Youth Led Activity Nights at their school for the community
  • Activity nights could include: family board game nights, yoga, math or literacy fun nights
  • These nights will increase opportunities for families to be off of screens, spending quality time with each other and communities
  • Student leaders will be invited to a idea generating sess ion that will provide them with tools and resources to implement their activity

Family Screen Time Contracts

  • Promoting the use of family screen time contracts to encourage positive balance online and offline.
  • Free Library workshops will help families to work through the creation of the contracts
  • Winter Play Scavenger Hunt on the Goosechase app will introduce families to positive screen use and additionally encourage families to complete activities away from screens.
  • One of these missions will include completing a screen time contract. Contest beginning in mid January.
  • Education Campaign • Using Power off and Play key messaging across all interventions, on social media and through a poster series

Active Transportation

  • The goal is to increase the opportunity for students to walk to school once a week and be involved in winter walk to school day (Feb. 3) and bike to school week (May 28 – June 1).
  • Through campaigns, information sharing and relationship development, this intervention will demonstrate how forming a relationship with your neighbours and community can result in an increased sense of belonging and higher levels of active transportation.

Active Pass

  • Active Pass- a free pass to various drop-in programs (swimming, skating, and fitness) in the City of Burlington given to all grade five students in Burlington to promote physical activity.

Community Catalysts

  • Organizations will have the opportunity to access funding and become Community Catalysts through an application process.
  • These Community Catalysts will agree to:
    • Will build on pre-existing or create new programs to enhance the Ministry’s key messaging around reducing screen time, creating a balanced screen life and promoting other activities.
    • Support our education intervention
    • Agree to educate staff/parents about the Healthy Kids initiative
    • Work on making a minimum of one change to create a supportive environment for reducing screen time.
    • Submit an online application to access this funding source (The application will allow you to share: need, who will benefit, how will support sustainability of opportunities etc.).
    • Complete a pre and post evaluation with participants & a final report