Neighbourhood – (ˈneɪbəˌhʊd)

1. the immediate environment; surroundings; vicinity.
2. a district where people live
3. the people in a particular area; neighbours
4. neighbourly feeling

Healthy Kids Community Challenge believes in the power of neighbourhood where neighbour comes together and make a difference. HKCC hope to harness the neighbourhood power, develop strong connections in making changes at all levels. The Neighbourhood Action Teams’ (NAT) purpose is to ensure that community members and other local stakeholders are directly involved in guiding the development and implementation of the Burlington HKCC Action Plans.

By working together in our neighbourhood, we believe we are contributing to developing strong connections which will lead to healthier neighbourhood and partnership. Our objective is to ensure these initiatives will last beyond the duration of the Burlington Healthy Kids Community Challenge project.

Neighbourhood Action Teams work with us to develop and shape the changes needed in your neighbourhood to create healthy active behaviours for all kids in Burlington. Learn more about Burlington Healthy Kids Community Challenge Neighbourhood Action Team (NAT) Terms of Reference.

Read the following report prepared by Community Development Halton.