Five Things to Play when the Weather is Grey!


It’s not always a great day to get active outside. Here are some ideas for small spaces to get moving. Remember, we ALL need to be active – not just the kids!rain on windowjpg

1) Build an obstacle course around the living room. Use couch cushions to jump over, sheets to crawl under, stuffed animals as pylons, tables to maneuver around.

2) Play hide and seek! With older children, keep track with a chart how long it takes for each ‘find’, and watch how fast they move to beat the other time.

3) Have a paper ball fight. Save scrap paper for days like today. Set up some barricades using couches or couch cushions and let the war begin!

4) Story telling Yoga. Tell a story using Yoga pose names. When you say a pose name everyone has to go into the pose. With older children, see if they can tell the story! Some poses you could use are: snake, frog, mountain, warrior, bear, cat and cow. Check out for more ideas!

5) Host a mini Olympics. Choose events that all can participate (including adults). They could be traditional: long jump, high jump, races around the dining room table. Or make them a little different such as a bearwalk race, or a dance competition. Whatever you choose, be sure to focus on the fun, not the competition.

Remember that parents are an inspiration to their children. Lead by example and join in the fun!

Share with us how you initiate fun play indoor. We’d love to hear how you play inside!


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