Community Programs

Open Doors

Open Doors is a group of 15 community-based programs at St. Christopher’s Church that focuses on food, children, youth and parenting, and community resources. They have worked with us to promote water and physical activity and are now running an family gardening program in their large on-site community garden.

The ROCK Our Community Cares sites work with youth and their families. They have been completing theme three activities by working with the community on community meals and celebrations, gardening, veggie and fruit education and, ‘try it’ opportunities. They have also changed what they offer at celebrations – from pizza to a salad and smoothie bar!

Art House has been working with HKCC to promote physical activity and healthy hydration. They have done a lot of work around physical literacy and educating about why we should choose water. This theme, Art House will be educating about veggies and fruit across their four locations. Farm trips, community meals, creating salad bars and learning about container gardening are just a few of the activities they will be doing.

Burlington Public Library

The Burlington Public library has been an amazing HKCC partner. They have offered a workshop series around physical activity as well as one on Choosing Veggies and Fruit. They have created programming around the importance of drinking water, have promoted all of the HKCC messaging and in the fall will be running more programming on increasing vegetables and fruit.

North BurLINKton
This afterschool program and camp has always promoted healthy living. With the support of HKCC they have been able to offer a cooking a with water learning experience, the importance of water, gardening, farm trips and food preparation skills.


YMCA – Beyond the Bell
YMCA Beyond the Bell program is a highly successful after-school and summer program, featuring literacy, numeracy, nutrition and recreation. It focuses on closing the academic achievement gap experience by children from low-income areas versus their middle-income peers.

Halton Region
The Halton Region Health Department offers various programs for families around healthy living. They have been supporting HK messaging through these programs. The Region has been a very supportive Healthy Kids partner.


The Ontario Early Years Centre has partnered with HKCC through each of our themes. They have offered messaging support as well as programming about water and physical activity. They are now running a gardening program for parents and kids at St. Christopher’s Church which educates about growing food.


City of Burlington

The City of Burlington Camps program has been making the move over the last few years to healthier camps. They have worked to have staff as good role models, incorporating games and activities around healthy eating and physical activity and have had a big push to get outside more. They are bringing the Blender Bikes to 12 locations this summer and promoting veggies and fruit by creating a rainbow that encourages campers to bring in veggies and fruit each day for lunch. They are also moving away from junk food rewards as well.