Blue W Tap Water Refilling Network


The Blue W is a unique community-based program dedicated to promoting municipal tap water as a healthy, easily accessible alternative to purchasing bottled drinks. Blue W provides mapped details on where to find clean, free, public and commercial sources to fill your reusable bottle without compelling you to make additional purchases – just look for the Blue W decal in participating shop and restaurant windows. To find a water bottle refill location near you visit Blue W website.

Healthy Kids Community Challenge is working with Blue W to encourage families in Burlington to drink more tap water. We are reaching out to local businesses and organizations to register their location as water bottle refill stations.


  1. Be known as a community-oriented organization.
  2. Support the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington in its mission to promote healthy choices.
  3. Benefit from increased walk-in foot traffic to your business.
  4. Be a part of Blue W’s promotional listings map on the website.
  5. Receive recognition through our marketing efforts.


  1. To register your business or organization, submit your application online.
  2. Put up your blueW window decal.
  3. Provide clean and safe tap water to community members with refillable water bottles.

We are also seeking volunteers for this program. To sign up for volunteering, complete the application form online.