Power Off and Play!

Power Off and Play! is all about helping children and families build a balanced day that is not filled with screen time. Screen time is the time spent using a screen-based device, such as smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. The focus of the fourth theme is on limiting children’s recreational and sedentary screen time. Communities can help children and families to build a balanced day that includes:

  • Staying within recommended screen time limits
  • Putting screens away during important times of day (sleep time, meal and snack time)
  • Replacing screen time with other activities (physical activity, social interactions and fun and educational activities)

This theme runs from January to September 2018 and aims to reduce screen time use. As this will be our final theme, we are bringing everyone together for one night of excitement, to talk, plan, make connections and decide on the necessary interventions for our action plan. When we look toward sustainability, we would like the community to lead the way in building the Healthy Kids messaging into activities and events, programming, education, and policy changes in their immediate communities and organizations.

Download Theme 4 – Power Off and Play!