60 minutes of PLAY for children 5 to 11 years old


For health benefits, children aged 5-11 years should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity daily.

Being active for at least 60 minutes will help children:

  • Improve their health
  • Do better in school
  • Improve their fitness
  • Grow stronger
  • Have fun playing with friend
  • Feel happier
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Learn new skills

Here’s some ideas for child’s daily activity.

  • Play tag – or freeze-tag!
  • Go to the playground after school.
  • Walk, bike, rollerblade or skateboard to school.
  • Play an active game at recess.
  • Go sledding in the park on the weekend.
  • Go “puddle hopping” on a rainy day.

Source: http://www.csep.ca/CMFiles/Guidelines/CSEP_PAGuidelines_child_en.pdf

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